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Morrissey Is Being Treated For Cancer: “If I Die, Then I Die”



The Guardian is reporting that Morrissey is currently going through cancer treatments. Morrissey reportedly is feeling good, but says “I’ll rest when I’m dead.” Read a report below.

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Nobody understands how heartbroken I am about this. This man means the absolute world to me. I would go as far as to put a portrait of him permanently on my body, and am deeply considering it. I send him nothing but positive energy and love in the hopes that he comes out of this stronger than ever.



If you live in Manhattan, buy from a local fruit stand! They’re everywhere and out almost 24/7!

Dolomite from the Congo
by Tony Peterson


But better to get hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie. Khaled Hosseini
okostyuk was like: Hi Yogi! I'm having a hard time understanding why you cannot truly be compassionate to others without first showing yourself compassion. It kind of makes sense but I'm not really grasping it. Thank you for your time :)


Compassion recognizes two things: impermanence and interdependence. 

When you thoroughly accept and appreciate the gravity of impermanence, love is inevitable. However, there is the possibility for existential despair. If you regard yourself as a separate, single phenomena simply born to die, then impermanence is scary. That’s why we often ignore it. 

But in the light of interdependence, we discover that we are not separate from anything. Our body is an open system of energy, constantly receiving physical material and conscious information from an external world. And yet our internal world is in turn molding that outer world and molded by it. You only exist because every atom in this table exists. 

Compassion is the reckless love that knows everything is on fire and that beneath the embers of our birthing and dying reality, there is no such thing as strangers. None of us are separate from one another, or from this cosmos itself. 

It can start with yourself or it can start with others. That depends on our temperament. But if your compassion does not include others or does not include yourself, then it is incomplete. The very hallmark of compassion is its complete lack of discrimination and differentiation when it comes to recognizing the aliveness around and within you. 

Wholeness is wholeness. Once you stop needing to be saved and once you stop entrusting happiness to the momentum of your desires, there’s nothing else left to do but allow life to become an open circle of belonging. 

Namaste :) Much love. 

tealeavesmagictarot was like: What made you start reading ? (:

I’d always been intuitive (and interested) as a child, but around 4 years ago I began to really experience life through the lens of a medium. I figured tarot was just something that seemed to be a necessary step! It’s a fun hobby if nothing else, I love to do it. It provides me with a sense of peace and comfort like nothing else to read myself, and I love providing that same feeling to others as well! x