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Stones Used for Psychic Protection:


  • Amber- Ruled by the Sun, its main element is Fire.  It is, perhaps, the oldest substance used by humans for adornment.  It can contain pieces of plants and/or insects that somehow ended up falling into the sticky resin.  This caused many to believe the resin itself possessed and housed life, which is sacred of the Mother Goddess. Known as the “fifth element” for binding all elements sacred to magical practices together, Amber jewelry is typically worn to protect against negative magic. It can also be electrically and magically charged with rubbed.

  • Flourite- Ruled by Neptune, its main element is Water.  Formerly called “Fluorspar”, Flourite was used by the Egyptians and the Chinese for carving beautiful statues.  This frequently multicolored stone is thought to absorb and neutralize excessive (especially negative) energy.  It can also aid in channeling and strengthen the power of other stones.  Due to the array of colors this stone can be, each color has its own meaning.

  • Garnet- Ruled by Mars, its main element is Fire.  Due to its lovely dark red coloring, it has been known for thousands of years as a healing stone of both physical and mental ailments, especially when it involved blood flow.  It is also thought to strengthen one’s aura like a shield.  Once used to protect people from demons and “evil spirits”, this stone is now common in magickal work.  If one receives a Garnet stone as a gift, it symbolizes affection and loyalty.

  • Hematite- Ruled by Saturn, its main element is Fire.  Known as “volcano spit” when worn as jewelry by ancient Italians due to its strange metallic silver-black coloring, this stone was once knows as “Bloodstone” (not to be confused with the Bloodstone magick practitioners use today).  Both have similar healing properties as they can draw illness from the body, instigate grounding and healing one’s energy, as well as warding off negative energies.  This stone is also known to be a wonderful scrying due to its shiny, mirror-like surface.

  • Jade- Ruled by both Venus and Neptune, its main element is Water.  Used by many cultures to carve musical instruments for ritual, this stone was and still is prevalent in Chinese culture.  Jade has been used as “burying goods” for those who have passed on in the Chinese culture in the hopes it will increase the spirit’s vitality.  Due to its soothing and calming green coloring, this stone is thought to alleviate physical aliments with ease.  This stone is also known to guard against accidents and is effective when performing protective magick with a purple candle.

  • Red Jasper- Ruled by Mars its main element is Fire.  Red Jasper was engraved with images of lions or archers and carried to guard against poison and to cure fevers while traveling.  Part of the Jasper stone family, this particular stone is commonly used when performing defensive magick.  It is though to send the negative energy back to the original sender (a potential ethical dilemma, depending on your practice).  This stone can also be carried around on your person during healing and health magickal work.

  • Jet- Ruled by Saturn, its main element is Earth.  Like Amber, Jet has been around for millions of years in the form of fossilized wood.  Its black surface can be electrically and magickally charged when rubbed, similar to Amber.  Known as “Witch’s Amber”, this stone is thought to absorb part of one’s soul when wearing on one’s body.  Since the Middle Ages, this stone has been used to ward off negative energize and protect travelers and newborns.  This stone is also known to cure nightmares…Simply place the stone under your pillow before heading to bed and you will have a good night’s sleep!

  • Malachite- Ruled by Venus, its main element is Earth.  This lovely blue-green stone has been commonly used for protection for children.  It is also used to ward off negative energies and physical dangers and promotes inner tranquility.  When the Sun sigil is carved onto it, its magickal properties greatly increase during rituals.  This stone is also commonly used for love and relationship magick work.

  • Onyx- Ruled by Mars and Saturn, its main element is Fire.  This stone, which was commonly used within ancient Roman and Greek cultures, is closely connected to the God Mars and used for protection in any given situation.  Onyx is and has been used for defense against negativity consciously directed in the forms of hexes and psychic attack.

  • Smokey Quartz- Ruled by Saturn, its main element is Earth.  Known as “Smokey Topaz” in the past, this unusually colored stone (mainly brown and transparent) acts as a grounding source during rituals as well as absorbent of fear and neutralizer of any worry about failure in one’s given endeavor.  This stone can also help rid oneself of unproductive people, parts of one’s life, as well as attracting and removing emotional energy blockages.

  • Tourmaline- Ruled by any of the planets (depending on the color), its main element varies.  A story originating from ancient Egypt, it was thought the special stone from the Earth was heading to the Sun.  On its journey, the Tourmaline stone passed through a rainbow and absorbed all its colors.  Red Tourmaline is typically used during protection rituals.  Black Tourmaline is also commonly used for protection purposes as it absorbs negativity when charged for that purpose through visualization.

  • Turquoise- Ruled by Venus and Neptune, its main element is Earth. One of the first stones to ever be mined, the ancient Egyptians prized this vibrantly colored stone as the Life Stone.  Tibetan cultures also greatly value this stone and have used it as currency.  Native Americans used this stone to ward off the evil eye.  This beautiful stone repels hostility and keeping negativity and anger at bay, thus promoting inner and outer peace and harmony. 


The Witch’s Shield by Christopher Penczak
Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham


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Slept with these under my pillow for better sleep tonight. If you’re into stones and crystals, reading up on their healing powers and the positive ways they can affect you and your life is very exciting. Not only is it interesting, but stones and crystals also make cute jewelry and home decor. Lot’s of beautiful ones to be found online - I love etsy and eBay 🙏

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Anubis, God of the Dead; from the Tomb of Sennutem in the cemetery of Deir el Medina (دير المدينة), Luxor, Thebes, Egypt, ca. 1400 - 1350 BC.