I mean, I think about death all the time. I see death in everything. I see it standing in my living room in the form of a scared little girl. Or on dark street corners when I walk, seeing looming figures of men that I know aren’t visible to just anyone. I am alive but I am so heavily intertwined with death. But it’s different when it’s me and it’s real and I’m not simply playing dead and it’s forever.

For some reason, I have been having an extremely hard time grappling with the concept of death. When I think to hard, I become extremely frightened, despite all my knowledge of what happens and where I will go. I have a hard time remaining in one place for too long, and the concept of eternity paralyzes me. It’s frightening to be on my last life here. I am most scared that I will not accomplish all I want to. I spent so much time wishing the years away and wanting to die, I’m scared I haven’t got enough time living left.

How other archetype perceives them


INFJ - cold and hard on the outside, warm and fuzzy on the inside
INFP - warm and fuzzy inside and out
INTP - warm and fuzzy on the outside, cold and hard on the inside
INTJ - cold and hard inside and out


A lunar tetrad – four total lunar eclipses in a row – begins on the night of April 14-15. People are calling it a Blood Moon eclipse. 2014

Zine: Cherry Mag #1

hey cherry! i wanna write for you!

Would any beautiful souls in Sedona care to meet up and meditate together? I’ll be arriving Friday night and lone wolfing it until Tuesday! Always enjoy sharing my energy with other people of a similar state of being.