Anubis, God of the Dead; from the Tomb of Sennutem in the cemetery of Deir el Medina (دير المدينة), Luxor, Thebes, Egypt, ca. 1400 - 1350 BC.
Aftercare For a Psychic Attack

1. DO NOT go back to sleep. While it can be a struggle to even keep your eyes open, it is fairly common to receive multiple attacks one after the other. If possible, wake yourself up and stay that way.

2. Leave the room the attack occurred in. Get as far away from that energy as possible.

3. Make yourself some tea and something to eat. You will be feeling very weak and your body needs sugar to normal itself out.

4. Take it easy. When my attacks occur, I usually move to my living room couch and lie down for a bit.

5. Make sure you have your favorite crystals with you. Preferably ones that ward off psychic attacks and negative energy, but if you do not own any of those, your favorites will be okay substitutes.

6. Do not dwell on it. Read a book, watch tv, listen to some music, etc. I don’t suggest meditating just yet though. Wait until you know the negative energy is gone.


Courtney and Emily
To recall a dream


To remember dreams, place red jasper on your headboard before falling asleep.

Dorothy Morrison


Palmistry (2014)

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