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Personal Shielding
My mother taught me that it was important to shield myself for many reasons:
My personal energy and emotional state can have an effect on those around me.
To keep negative influences out
To keep positive close to myself
To keep other people’s energy and emotional states from overwhelming me 
And to prevent those who might actively mean me harm the ability to do so psychically.
She resonates most with the element of water and forms her shielding out of it by visualising that she is surrounded by a small bubble of sea water, filled with fish and other sea creatures. It flows around her and absorbs negativity neutralising it. She sees the sea fade, not get weaker but become transparent, so that she can still feel it but is able to see through it and perform magick without having to lower her shield.
I’m a little over cautious due to some less than pleasant experiences. I have five shields one for each element:
Earth - A stone wall that protects from taking on board other peoples emotional distress
Air - A tornado that disorientates any harmful thoughts or intentions and drags them in
Fire - A blaze that transmutes negative energy into positive
Water - A sea that absorbs this energy.
Spirit - A blue egg of energy that I can easily work magick through and where I store excess energy until I Ground it or give it to someone else.
Before I learned how to make them transparent without weakening them I would strip my first four layers and have only the Spirit shield to work within a circle. 
Each person picks the shields that work best for them. One of my friends uses quartz. Another uses mirrors to bounce off negativity, but I find this inefficient, and prefer to put any energy sent to me to good use. 
Just think about what makes you feel secure, and work with it. If it doesn’t feel right change to something else. At least once a day visualise your shield to keep them strong. When we feel secure we can forget to shield and although it may become second nature for them to be there it is always a good idea to check them from time to time.  

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Me honestly


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Wanted: a man who can properly care for me after my psychic attacks.

To speed healing


Hematite is a self healing stone; scratches on the stone disappear when rubbed with the fingers. To speed personal healing, wear or carry a hematite empowered with the following chant:

Stone of healing, stone of mite,
Heal me with the speed of light.

{Everyday Magic by. Dorothy Morrison}

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Warren William (December 2nd, 1894 - September 24th, 1948) and friends in “The Mind Reader” (1933)
He was known as The King Of Pre-Code, and rightfully so!